• The Organic Spa signature massage (relaxing-aromatherapy technique)

    Our special massage is a complete treatment that combines the traditional Thai massage technique with Reiki, aromatherapy, and acupressure, to achieve total relaxation. Surrender your body to the rhythmic waves of a full body massage, in long strokes and acupressure, and go with the scent of our unique organic oil with natural extracts and aromatherapy massage techniques. Let the expert hands of our therapists float above, absorb your negative energy and reopen the channels of energy.

  • Thai-Balinese inspiration uplifting massage

    We use natural healing forces and aroma to release tension and eliminate stress. With a combination of techniques of Thai-Balinese acupressure and our organic oil, it stimulates blood circulation and increases muscle flexibility. The tension and muscle aches disappear. You will be left with a feeling of relaxation and total rejuvenation.

  • Thai-Hawaiian lomi lomi inspiration well-being massage

    Authentic and simple. This treatment uses a combination of Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, an ancient Hawaiian massage that glides smoothly down to the muscles, in perfect unison with Hawaiian techniques and acupressure. Leave all your worries behind and remain with a feeling of peace and total relaxation. Enjoy the seductive aromas of your journey and a cup of organic tea before you leave.

  • Traditional thai massage

    This massage seeks, above all, to ease tension in the body. The stretching and relaxation techniques added to passive yoga movements create a classic but wonderful massage. Its roots go back to the old Siam Ayurveda. Thai massage, thanks to its popularity, has joined traditional oriental healing practices. Firmly applying pressure without oil, stretching and massage unleash energy blocks in order to improve circulation. This massage is done with a special cotton pajamas we provide to our customers.

  • Pregnancy massage

    Full body massage with specific prenatal techniques and a special blend of safe organic oils for pregnancy, to get the optimum benefits without harming the fetus. A soothing treatment that nourishes and satisfies all the needs for future moms. It concentrates on the back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs and feet. This beautiful treatment ends with a relaxing head massage, relaxing all tension and leavinge the future mom deeply relaxed. Pure happiness for both mom and her baby.

  • Thai herbal compress massage

    Not all journeys are spiritual, especially long trips that can leave the body under the effects of jet lag. Open energy channels and relieve tired muscles with a skillful combination of techniques that relieve stress. Forget the stress and muscular body pain through our especial herbal compression. A full Thai massage with acupressure, especially in the legs, lower back, neck and shoulders, to immediately welcome you home.

  • Back head and shoulders massage (text-neck massage)

    Back, neck, head and shoulders are key energy centers of the body, and could be blocked by stress and overuse of mobile devices, thus causing enormous tension and stiffness. With our unique combination of organic oil and traditional Thai massage techniques applied on key points to relax and revitalize your body pressure, you will feel totally renovated. Say good-bye to the text-neck!

  • Relaxing thai foot massage

    The foot massage is a relaxing massage to revitalize effectively. Besides stimulating blood circulation in the feet, healing and soothing properties, this technique have a very positive effect on tired legs, arms and neck. It is much more than just a foot massage. It is specially designed to provide relaxation after a hard day’s work.



THE ORGANIC SPA massage is a relaxing ritual that will leave you completely revitalized and inspired. Thanks to our unique combination of pure and organic oils, you will feel yourself soft, smooth and beautifully moisturized from head to toes.


Let your senses explore our selection of delicate scents of Thai jasmine, lemongrass, and geranium. Ancient medicine and modern therapies are combined in a natural balance to take you to a paradise of beauty, peacefulness and wellness. 100% organic.


Each treatment begins with a consultation upon the customer’s needs, followed by our traditional Thai foot ritual, and it ends with our cup of warm organic tea.


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