The traditional Thai massage or nûat thai, is part of a true philosophy of life in Thailand, and is inspired by millennial relaxing practices such as yoga and meditation. Its founder was Shivago Komarpaj, who, according to the pâli Buddhist canon, was the Buddha’s physician 2,500 years ago. He combined traditional Chinese medicine with his Ayurvedic knowledge, and created the four branches of Traditional Thai Medicine: herbal remedies, nutritional medicine, spiritual practices and Thai massage.

Thais believe that this massage not only soothes the body, but also the soul of each person. Applied regularly (once a week), it is considered a true preventive medicine to lead a much more harmonious and stress-free life.

An authentic health ritual that works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, calming the tension of the body through studied stretching and relaxation techniques, combined with passive yoga movements and pressure applied at strategic points.

A health ritual that brings together the techniques of 3 disciplines:

Kneading the muscles.
Manipulation of the skeleton or chiropractic (osteopathy).
Digitopuntura, pressing on certain points of acupuncture or energetic lines.

DURATION: 60/90/120 minutes
PRICE: 85/110/135 €
  • Welcome with cup of jasmine tea
  • Change of clothes (a t-shirt and organic cotton pants are delivered for the total comfort of the client)
  • Ritual of foot washing with organic tea tree
  • Traditional Thai massage (performed on a special tatami placed on the floor, performing precise stretches depending on the client’s flexibility, and using breathing and pressure methods with thumbs, palms, elbows, arms and feet)
  • Thai Infusion


  • Strengthens the immune system. It is a powerful dexter ally!
  • Promotes blood circulation and elimination of toxins
  • Promotes muscle tone and reduces tension
  • Improve posture and increase flexibility
  • It favors and facilitates physical and mental relaxation
  • Stimulates mind, body and spirit
  • Balances the functions of the 4 fundamental elements of our body:
  • Earth: solid particles (bones, muscles …)
  • Water: blood and secretions.
  • Fire: digestion and metabolism.
  • Air: breathing and blood circulation.


  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headache, neuralgia, migraines
  • Lack of flexibility or muscle tone
  • Insomnia
  • Bruxism
  • Lack of concentration
  • Couple problems
  • Lack of selfesteem
  • Nervousness and relaxation difficulties
  • Joint and muscle pain

Essential ally for some ailments, the REAL THAI MASSAGE is unique and not everyone can give it. It requires an ancestral technique that only the great Thai masters can teach, and it must be practiced for years. This is the case of the therapists of THE ORGANIC SPA, one of the only centers in Spain where therapists are qualified experts in this art, in addition to other types of therapies of Asian origin, such as the Balinese Massage or the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi. Do not be fooled by centers that are not approved.


What connection do you have with yoga?


The Thai Royal Massage can be considered by some as ‘yoga for lazy’, due to the connection with yoga, since they are practiced postures very similar to the ‘asanas’. It is a stretching and deep massage with a great connection between mind, body and soul, just like yoga.


Is there a contraindication in the case of suffering any pathology?


The REAL THAI MASSAGE provides innumerable benefits for the health and general welfare of the body, but in certain situations there are contraindications for its application, such as during pregnancy, when there are muscle injuries, especially if there is inflammation or swelling, bone fractures or dislocations , high fever, venous problems (for example, thrombosis, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, etc.), wounds, cuts, ulcers …, diabetes or serious illnesses that require absolute rest. The massage should not be applied if the therapist or the patient is hungry, tired or drowsy, since it is a ritual that implies a high level of energy, concentration and strength. Nor should be administered if the therapist is irritable, angry or depressed (this applies to all types of massage, as they are direct transmitters of energy), since the recipient receives these feelings and the resulting negative effects. Also, if the patient feels tickle in certain parts, such as the feet, it can be uncomfortable and has to warn to avoid touching those areas. At The Organic Spa, therapists adapt to each patient.

The Organic Spa


World leader in beauty and luxury natural wellness, The Organic Spa, formerly Pañpuri Organic Spa, opened the doors of its first organic spa in Europe in May 2011, to become, in a very short time, the most exclusive temple of oriental treatments from Madrid.

The Organic Spa, formerly Pañpuri Organic Spa, has established itself in record time as one of the most recognized beauty and well-being companies in Thailand and the rest of the world, thanks to its 100% organic luxury products for facial, body care and aromatherapy, inspired by the best kept secrets of Asia.


It is the first urban spa to become the first luxury organic spa inspired by oriental massage techniques.


Aware of the increasing demand of a more and more informed and demanding customer, who flees from chemical products and seeks the best service together with the best results, The Organic Spa pursues the philosophy of offering a different and unique experience based on absolute luxury , conscious with the environment, and with the 100% certified organic seal. An experience without competition, which has positioned him as one of the best spas in the world.


Fans of The Organic Spa can also take home 100% natural and organic personal care and aromatherapy products, awarded internationally by the most recognized publications in the world of beauty and health. Do not forget to visit the store, located in the same spa, and the special packs YUTHIKA, SIAM BOTANICALS and PAÑPURI. You will fall in love with its perfumes and textures for facial, body and hair care, and candles and incense to acclimate your favorite places. It is no coincidence that The Organic Spa has become a real must among lovers of beauty and well-being. Because we are talking about Intelligent Beauty, an authentic Organic Lifestyle.

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National & International Awards


2018 Finalista Mejor Línea Facial Lotus Defense™ por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS’

2018 Ganador Mejor Producto Lotus Defense™ al Brightening Serum por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS’ 

2011 – 2019 Gold List, Traveler Magazine “Nominated for Best Spa in Spain” 

The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Natural/Organic Spa Product Range‘

Marie Claire Beauty Award ‘Thai Prestige‘

Design Excellence Award (Demark), Bangkok ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection’

2010 Les Découvertes 2010, Maison & Objet Fair, Paris ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection As Best New Range’

The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Product, Signature Facial Experience’

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