The arrival of the coronavirus has meant a radical change in our lives. The aftermath of a quarantine of months does not go unnoticed by anyone, to which must be added the damage caused by the use of masks, gloves, soaps and hydroalcoholic gels on our skin, which is crying out for an urgent health cure and rejuvenation . Do you have a dull complexion, a ‘stiff’ or tight face, dehydrated and without light? Dark circles and sad look? Do you notice that you have suddenly aged, that wrinkles and sagging have appeared? It is time to act!

The Organic Spa, which has just reopened its doors with all the safety and hygiene measures reinforced to the highest level, proposes its Body & Face Express cures to give the skin a break by thoroughly cleaning all the toxins accumulated during confinement and returning it hydration, luminosity and youth lost. Take note of the organic treatments and rituals that will make you glow (inside and out) this summer, and get ready to show off your tan.

¡SOS Skin!

150 minutes

Get rid of all accumulated toxins and regain hydration and radiance with an express health and beauty ritual for body and face. A detox cure to deeply cleanse the toxins accumulated in your skin and restore hydration and elasticity lost during confinement, based on exfoliating salts, detox pimples, essential oils made with healing plants and fruits (jasmine, green tea, lavender, verbena , Lemongrass, damask rose, coconut and papaya) and the Lotus Defense ™ facial care line, rich in natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help restore and rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, minimizing pores and providing luminosity. Your tan will last much longer and will help you avoid premature aging.

Purifying Body Treatment

Organic Body Scrub

90 minutes

Eliminate toxins, detoxify and nourish the skin of the entire body with the invigorating body scrub of lemongrass, coconut, papaya and green tea, and the organic super-hydrating mask of jasmine.

60 minutes

Releases toxins, drains and prepares the skin to receive any treatment with natural scrubs based on lemongrass, coconut, papaya and green tea.

Tips to cope with the post-Covid19 rentrée at home


It is vital to put into practice basic healthy habits but totally necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, such as getting enough sleep (it is recommended to dream for at least eight hours at a time); drink at least eight glasses of water a day (if it is alkaline and you add juice and lemon rind, cinnamon sticks and mint leaves, the better); increase fiber intake (fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals); avoid saturated fats, sugars, and processed foods; practice some exercise regularly (you don’t have to go to the gym, just walk briskly for a couple of hours, for example, or sign up for dance classes), and escape stress with the help of natural therapies such as yoga , meditation, nature walks, contact with animals (it is proven that taking care of them is one of the best therapies for your physical and mental health) and oriental massages.

How to buy or gift The Organic Spa

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In person: C/ Lagasca, 90 (Ortega & Gasset)

The Organic Spa

Based on oriental therapies and the best kept beauty secrets of Asia, the exclusive treatments of this temple of health and well-being are the favorites of athletes, models, actors and international celebrities.

The Organic Spa is a pioneer in defending the slow philosophy of taking care of yourself in a conscious, respectful and intelligent way from within, of adopting a lifestyle where healthy is a priority, where you become aware of the importance of taking care of our environment, of the planet, and where health is synonymous with beauty.

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National & International Awards


2018 Finalista Mejor Línea Facial Lotus Defense™ por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS’

2018 Ganador Mejor Producto Lotus Defense™ al Brightening Serum por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS’ 

2011 – 2019 Gold List, Traveler Magazine “Nominated for Best Spa in Spain” 

The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Natural/Organic Spa Product Range‘

Marie Claire Beauty Award ‘Thai Prestige‘

Design Excellence Award (Demark), Bangkok ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection’

2010 Les Découvertes 2010, Maison & Objet Fair, Paris ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection As Best New Range’

The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Product, Signature Facial Experience’