Enjoying a ‘summer 10’ is easy if you put into practice – before, during and after sun exposure – a series of basic care such as leading a healthy lifestyle and preparing the skin well. The Organic Spa helps you prepare for the most desired months of the year with ten basic cares for a 360 tuning of skin, body, face, health and mood, while you enjoy learning how to take care of yourself. Your physical and mental health will thank you:


  1. Take care of your diet with the Mediterranean diet: fruit, vegetables, legumes and a variety of fresh seasonal products, avoiding processed food, sugar, alcohol and harmful fats (sausages, fatty meats, fried meats and industrial pastries).
  2. Drink water, natural juices and infusions (green tea works wonders) throughout the day. At least 2 liters are recommended.
  3. Take your rest very seriously. Sleep is essential for everything and sleeping below the recommended eight hours a day is falling short. Whenever you can, turn off your alarm clock and mobile.
  4. Move on. Movement is life. If you are not a fan of the gym, practice a sport that you like or simply walk at a steady pace for at least two hours a day (it is not worth stopping to look at shop windows).
  5. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, declared enemies of a healthy life that also age and damage your skin, hair, teeth and your entire body.
  6. Gently exfoliate with natural ingredients like coconut or lemongrass with the ‘S.O.S. Skin’ (2 ½ hours – €200), ideal for eliminating accumulated toxins and preparing the skin for a healthy and long-lasting tan. Likewise, and even if you are one of those who flee from the sun, a good exfoliation is necessary for the correct cleaning of your skin and subsequent effectiveness of the treatments. It is recommended to do one a week. Your skin will radiate health and beauty.
  7. Hydrate yourself from head to toe with the ‘Body & Mind Detox Ritual’ (2 hours – €175). There is no healthy skin without good cleansing and hydration (without them you are on your way to premature aging). Pañpuri essential oils are an authentic moisturizing and nourishing cure for your skin, handcrafted in Thailand from precious plants and flowers such as jasmine, damask rose, lavender or lemongrass.
  8. Free yourself from stress, anxiety, contractures and any energy blockage, letting yourself be pampered with a professional massage in the hands of expert therapists who know what they are doing.
  9. Protect yourself from the sun by avoiding direct exposure during peak hours (from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.), and always with a good SPF protection from 30 (if it is 50, better) that you must replace every two hours if you are exposed, approved glasses and a good cap. Your skin and your health in general will thank you for life.
  10. Practice digital disconnection. Most of us mortals are addicted to our electronic devices and do not know how to live without our mobile phones, which have become a very unhealthy extension of our body. Keep stress at bay by turning it off whenever you can and dedicating more time to yourself. Yoga, meditation, reading, contact with nature or simply walking with your pet, for example, are great anti-stress allies.

Summer must-haves at The Organic Spa.

Detox Body and Mind

2 hours – 175 €

Un ritual que te hará brillar desde dentro hacia fuera. Elimina toxinas, nutre en profundidad la piel de todo el cuerpo y tiene un gran poder détox.

120 min. — 175 €/person

120 min. — 330 €/couple

150 min. — 190 €/person

150 min. — 360 €/couple


  • Welcome with Organic Jasmine Green Tea
  • Foot washing ritual with tea tree salts
  • Organic body scrub of your choice (lemongrass / coconut / green tea / clementine)
  • Shower
  • Nourishing and firming jasmine wrap (30 minutes)
  • Body massage to choose (60 or 90 minutes)
  • Organic infusion

‘S.O.S. Skin’ (Body and face)

2,5 hours – 200 €

Get rid of all the accumulated toxins and recover hydration and luminosity with an express health and beauty ritual for body and face. A detox cure to deeply cleanse toxins and restore hydration and elasticity lost during the winter, based on exfoliating salts, detox mud, essential oils made from healing plants and fruits (jasmine, green tea, lavender, verbena, lemongrass , rosa damascena, coconut and papaya) and Pañpuri’s Lotus Defense™ facial care line, rich in natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help restore and rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and décolletage, minimizing pores and providing luminosity. Your tan will last much longer and help prevent premature aging.

150 min. — 200 €/person


  • Welcome with organic Jasmine Green Tea
  • Foot washing ritual with tea tree salts
  • Organic body scrub to choose (Lemon Grass / Coconut / Jasmine / Clementine)
  • Shower
  • 60 minute Balinese Inspired Uplifting Massage (Organic Jasmine Flower Oils / Lemongrass / Rose / Lavender)
  • 60-minute Pink Lotus Flower Illuminating Facial Treatment
  • Organic infusion

How to give The Organic Spa?

  • Online from the website
  • By phone (91 577 56 70)
  • Email:
  • In our facilities: Lagasca, 90 with Ortega & Gasset, Madrid.

The Organic Spa

The Organic Spa is a benchmark within the sector of oriental therapies and organic beauty, nominated as the best urban spa in Spain since its opening in 2011. A unique place where the best oriental therapies, used since ancient times to provide well-being and prevent diseases, such as the Traditional Thai Massage, the Royal Thai Massage, the Balinese Massage (they use finger-pressure, forearms and elbows to work deeply on ailments and unblock energy points), the Lomi Lomi (an ancient Hawaiian massage in which they work the meridians gently), Aromatherapy or the Reiki technique, to achieve the most absolute relaxation and heal body, mind and soul. A true paradise for the senses.


Based on oriental therapies and the best-kept beauty secrets of Asia, the exclusive treatments of this temple of health and well-being are the favorites of international athletes, models, actors and celebrities.


The Organic Spa was a pioneer in defending the slow philosophy of taking care of yourself in a conscious, respectful and intelligent way from within, of adopting a lifestyle where healthy is a priority, where you become aware of how important it is to also take care of our environment, of the planet, and where health is synonymous with beauty. All the products used are from the exclusive Thai firm Pañpuri®, which complies with the most demanding quality controls and guarantees that absolutely everything, from its ingredients to the packaging, are clean and respectful of our health and that of the planet. Their ZeroList ™ distinctive means that they are 100% free of toxic and potentially harmful ingredients, such as sulfates, silicones, parabens, EDTA, PEGS, phthalates and chemical sunscreens, and, in addition, they are free of gluten and ingredients of animal origin (honey , carmine, beeswax …). A philosophy where luxury is ecofriendly, organic and cruelty-free and where all the formal security measures are taken in detail.

C/Lagasca 90, 28006 (semiesquina Ortega & Gasset)
28006 Madrid
T: +34 91 577 56 70 –

National and international awards

2018 Finalista Mejor Línea Facial Lotus Defense ™ por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS
2018 Ganador Mejor Producto Lotus Defense ™ al Brightening Serum por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS
2011 – 2018 Gold List, Traveler Magazine “Nominated for Best Spa in Spain”
The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Natural/Organic Spa Product Range‘
Marie Claire Beauty Award ‘Thai Prestige‘
Design Excellence Award (Demark), Bangkok ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection’
2010 Les Découvertes 2010, Maison & Objet Fair, Paris ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection As Best New Range’
The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Product, Signature Facial Experience’