Code Of Conduct Agreement Examples

Finally, it describes who is responsible for complying with the code, why the code is important, and what the consequences of inappropriate actions are. The Code of Conduct also contains the process by which staff members can report violations or raise concerns. Staff must demonstrate integrity and professionalism in all aspects of behaviour, including issues related to absenteeism, delay and adherence to dress code. The personal aspect should project the company`s commitment to professionalism. Below are 18 outstanding examples of a code of conduct that allow you to update or write your own. (A ✓ denotes a particular feature of the code of conduct) Generally speaking, we do not use business equipment such as computers, photocopiers and fax machines to carry out external activity or to support religious, political or other activities outside of daily activities, with the exception of assistance requested by the company from non-profit organizations. We will not advertise during working hours and we will not distribute non-work related materials. You can find specific information on professional behaviour in our guides on disciplinary measures and attendance policies. Frequent scenarios that can be discussed in a code of conduct are conflicts of interest, acceptance of gifts and bribes, use of confidential information, financial reporting and accounting behavior, as well as the proper use of company ownership. A code of ethics can be largely based on compliance, with explicit guidelines and sanctions for violating ethical principles.

Large companies typically have a compliance officer who checks for ethical misconduct. This proposed code of conduct for employees is ready to be tailored to the needs of your business and should be considered as the starting point for setting up your employment policies. A directive on the code of conduct for staff can also be described as conduct in the Employment Directive. The code of conduct and ethics differ in purpose, focus, scope and content. As stated on the company`s website; “The Code sets out guidelines, legal and ethical obligations and responsibilities in a number of areas. It rests the mind of management, because they have confidence in the presentation of the organization and staff who know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. It should provide employees with clear guidelines and not leave a space for confusion in order to maintain the desired perception of your company.