Allstate R3001 Exclusive Agency Agreement Pdf

 As the District Court duly acknowledged, Article XV.A of the R3001 Treaty regulated the transfer of interests related to the immediate dispute.   The plain language of the R3001 agreement that “the company retains the right to authorize or refuse such a transfer in its sole discretion” sets out the reasonable expectations of the parties with respect to the matter.   Since any decision to transfer accounts between agents rests exclusively with Allstate, the contract is not discretionary, thus removing any basis on which an obligation of good faith and fair trade could be implied.  Cook, 210 F.3d at 657;  Hubbard, 873 F.2d at 877 (contractual clause excluding relocation without the agreement of General Motors, prohibited the application of the good faith and fair trade pact);  Lytle v. Malady, 458 Me. 153, 579 N.W.2d 906, 911-13 (1998) (specific reservation of the right of termination, which appears in the manual for all new employees, removed any implicit standard of “due process” for dismissal);  Burkhardt v. City Nat`l Bank of Detroit, 57 Mich.App. 649, 226 N.W.2d 678, 680 (1975) (“Where a Contracting Party makes a question of its own discretion in the manner in which it is performed, the law does not hesitate to provide for the honest and bona fide exercise of that discretion”). 11 Must obtain the corresponding licenses for residents (and non-residents, if applicable 6) (property, accidents, life, health, motor club and titles 7, as is the case in your state) and obtain an agency license and/or registration, if required by law, if you sign version C of the R3001 agreement.

The agency license and/or registration is in addition to your individual license. The license and/or registration of the agency must be obtained before the execution of contract C. For more information, see the section on agency licenses in this reference manual. Note: Some states may also require that your agency name or d/b/a be registered with the government authority responsible for registering and registering general business names. Some States do not allow anyone other than a natural person to obtain an established licence. In addition, some states do not grant an unen established license to a company or limited liability company. Must receive prior to the execution of the R3001 agreement an error and omission (E&O) coverage on CalSurance 8 Must complete before the execution of the R3001 agreement the following training: New training of agency holders in a local allstate allstate office College programs provided by the Illinois Department of the Interior Other training according to the information provided by the company Note: Applicants to agency incumbents must complete before starting their training through their P&C-Li The State of Policy Commission of the Sales Department will organize this training prior to the execution of the R3001S (or C) agreement. You should understand that Allstate does not pay you compensation or reimbursement of expenses related to your training during this training period. However, once the education program is successfully completed and after the signing of the R3001 agreement, you will receive an educational bonus. Must meet other criteria that the company may apply from time to time.

6 If the sales agent`s office is an authorised frontier place, his office must also be regarded as an authorised border place. Otherwise, the sale will not be allowed. 7 If you have signed an R3001 agreement with effect from 01.08.2000 or later, you must obtain a Series 6 license, a Series 63 license (if required by law), obtain variable authority (if required by state law) and successfully complete Phase I training (CAF program). Failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements within the time limits result in the termination of your agency relationship by the company. In addition, failure to obtain securities licenses and maintain your affiliation with Allstate Financial Services, LLC (or LSA Securities) leads to the termination of your R3001 agreement by the company. . . .