♣ Six out of ten Spaniards will suffer stress when returning to their job and up to 38% ‘post-vacation depression’ (Bizneo HR).

♣ A problem that is more frequent in women and people who are not happy with their work or with their life.

♣ A natural adaptation reaction that usually lasts a few days and that can be overcome by putting into practice the fundamentals of ‘oriental wisdom’, a philosophy that pursues the unity of body and mind, the search for balance to find well-being.

♣ Mindfulness (English terminology that literally means ‘mindfulness’), is the result of the Eastern Buddhist teachings founded by Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha) about 2,500 years ago, and is based on meditation, whose purpose is to learn to enjoy the present moment to lead a fuller life.

♣ Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective treatments to cope with the rentrée. An immediate shot of endorphins, responsible for your happiness.

All good things are short-lived and to show the summer vacation, as necessary as breathing, but too short for most mortals. The return to work life is always hard and is accompanied by that homelessness that drags us for days remembering those wonderful sunrises without an alarm clock and the long summer days in which you could take a nap and practice the dolce far niente without regrets. A homelessness that for many is a real tragedy, even causing what some psychologists call a ‘syndrome’ or ‘post-vacation depression’. An adaptation process that usually lasts a few days, but can take up to several weeks, in which case it would be advisable to consult a professional.

Its symptoms are manifested in the form of sadness, tiredness, apathy, irritability, general discomfort, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, lack of adaptation and anxiety, but we can mitigate and even avoid them by following the advice of Eastern wisdom, revered by many for more. 2,500 years old for its proven ability to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Philosophy that is based mainly on the unity of body and mind, in the search for balance to find well-being and happiness.

And within the multiple teachings of Eastern wisdom is mindfulness, which according to the molecular biologist and physician Jon Kabat-Zinn – creator of the ‘Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction’ (MBSR) program, great disseminator of this doctrine and pioneer in investigate its effects on stress, anxiety and other health disorders – it is the “ability to pay attention intentionally to the present moment, without judging”, and whose purpose is to help us find balance and physical and mental peace through mindfulness. A technique that teaches us to identify our emotions, helping us to eliminate possible frustration, anxiety, stress.

Lidia Hernández, a great connoisseur of oriental therapies, expert in traditional Chinese medicine and therapist at The Organic Spa, clarifies that: “The mind dominates and manipulates us and it is we who should learn to dominate it. Through mindfulness, which is nothing more than focusing on the present, bringing the mind to the now, we can learn to control it. A discipline that, once learned, can be tremendously deep, addictive, and fun, depending on how much time you spend on it. It is about something as fundamental as your well-being, your health. We should all practice it. ”

“The demand for massages and rituals during the rentrée is incredible. Surprisingly, we see that many clients come in tired, ‘contracted’, with a significant energy blockage despite having been precisely on vacation. From the moment they walk in the door we are giving signals to the subconscious mind that it is time to relax and enjoy the moment, forgetting everything else. Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective techniques in which you can practice mindfulness. In addition, it has been shown that endorphins, responsible for happiness, are released during massage. They should be prescribed as part of a healthy life. In fact, in Thailand it is a way of life, to the point that the ‘Traditional Thai Massage’ is considered a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. There must be a reason”.

“We live constantly anticipating the future, worrying about what might happen and dragging the slab of the past. That is a ‘sinvivir’. We have to learn to relax to be happier and of course healthier. There are many tricks. Reflecting for just a few minutes can bring us many things. Meditation is one of the secrets of well-being ”.

“Try experimenting with something as involuntary as your breathing, something conscious. Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling in serenity. You will bring more oxygen to all parts of your body and without remedy your mind and body will not be able to resist slowing down, helping you to perform more and better. Contradictory, right? Try it and you will see! ”.

“The perfect formula is precisely to bring the mind to the smallest details of our daily work (from paying attention to the smell of the shampoo while you shower, for example, or to rediscover your city as if you were a tourist), so that it does not go away. automatic and indulge in looping thinking, in ‘mental chatter’ ”.

“We are so internalized to believe everything they tell us that we are going on automatic pilot. For example, we eat like automatons, especially during the week, because it is an organic necessity, but we do not pay attention to whether the food is crunchy, tasty, salty, tasteless… ”. Reflections that undoubtedly invite us to rethink many things. Shall we start?


  1. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage at The Organic Spa (any of their extensive menu, from the ‘Traditional Thai Massage’, ‘Lomi-Lomi’, ‘Edifying’ or ‘Balinese’, is wonderful). Its health benefits are countless and it will help you ‘land’ with a much better body, skin and mood, ready to face the new full course of endorphins.
  2. Put mindfulness in your life. A discipline that teaches you to become aware of the present, of the here and now, to learn to manage stress, anxiety and ultimately your life. You can start with the book Take a break! Mindfulness, the art of keeping calm in the midst of a storm, by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig (Ed. Espasa), and Clean your brain, by Drs. David and Austin Perlmutter (Ed. Grijalbo).
  3. Give yourself time. Returning home 2 or 3 days before returning to work and responsibilities is essential for a good return to work.
  4. ‘To do list’. Before you go back, make a list of goals and priorities for the new course that is realistic and can be accomplished without resorting to miracles. Plan with your feet on the ground and starting small to avoid frustration
  5. Smart shopping list. We are what we eat and drink. It is time to return to an orderly and balanced diet where a variety of seasonal foods abound: fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts, seeds … Avoid sugar and salt, processed food, cold cuts, fried foods, soft drinks and alcohol. Drink plenty of water (it is the best drink in the world), green tea and herbal teas.
  6. Restful sleep. Going to bed at a reasonable time to be able to sleep the necessary eight hours and thus progressively normalize the schedule is essential. Setting the alarm a few days earlier will help us get along much better on the first day of work.
  7. Practice some sport or exercise every day if possible in outdoor spaces. Movement is life and you don’t have to go to the gym. Come up with a plan adapted to your lifestyle that you can carry out without pressure, be it walking, cycling, running, jogging, jumping or dancing. Signing up for classes in an activity that you like can be of great help.
  8. Digital disconnection. Mobile addiction, to be always connected, is a problem with serious consequences for our health. Turn it off whenever you can and read, listen to music, go for a walk …
  9. Treat yourself-reward whenever you need it. The little pleasures are always a help to face the obligations of the day to day.
  10. Spend more time with friends and family. Any excuse is good.
  11. Have more contact with nature and animals. Adopting a pet has changed the lives of many people for the better, yes, as long as you can assume all the responsibilities that it entails.
  12. Give thanks. Be aware of all the good things you have and appreciate it. Feel lucky to have a job, but don’t take it home with you. If you telecommute, it is very important that you set limits and schedules.


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