Tri C Articulation Agreements

One-year option (OYO): The OYO relies on Ohio`s articulation and transfer processes to help students achieve strong post-secondary bases and conditions for the future. The OYO allows students who have acquired certain certificates from an Ohio technical center in a 600-hour, 600-hour course, which has been approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education`s Chancellor, up to 30 hours of technical credit at the university level. The credit hours of 30 semesters are assigned as a credit block and not as a credit for certain courses. The credit is awarded to an associate degree in technical studies after successfully enrolling at Tri-C or another public university or university in Ohio. Learn more about the OYO. In 1990, following a directive from the 118th Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Department of Higher Education developed Ohio`s transfer policy to facilitate the ability of students to transfer credits from one public college or university in Ohio to another to avoid dual employment. A subsequent review of the policies and recommendations developed in 2004 by the Joint and Transfer Advisory Council, as well as the mandated mandates of the 125th Ohio General Assembly in the form of the amended Alternative Act 95, improved the original policies. Other laws of the 125th Ohio General Assembly have also initiated the development of a national system of articulation agreements between public universities for transfer students who attend teacher training programs. Transfer channels should be applied to degree requirements or a specific main program to a partner institution. If possible, use the Ohio Transfer Module and/or Transfer Insurance Guide while you develop a transfer path or articulation agreement with public or private institutions. Legislation of the 130th Ohio General Assembly required public universities to: use basic standards and procedures in granting university credits for military training, experience and course work; Create an appeals process to resolve disputes over the granting of military experience credits; Provide special assistance and support to veterans and service members; Choose a common definition of a service member and a Veteran and to implement a credit labelling system in which adult graduates from public vocational institutions who complete a 900-hour program of study and receive a clerk-approved, industry-recognized credential receive 30 hours of technical credit for technical studies. While all public colleges and universities are required to adhere to the ohio articulation and transfer policy policy, independent colleges and Ohio universities may or may not participate in the transfer directive.