• Clarifying facial treatment (all skin type)

    This gentle treatment combines luxury anti-aging skin, with natural and organic oil with healing properties. A treatment designed to clean, treat and revive skin care with a bracing effect. The rich and powerful botanical antioxidants protect the cellular structure of the skin against premature aging, thus preserving its young and active aspect, clarifying the skin and giving it a look of freshness and brightness from the first application.

    • Facial deep cleansing
    • Skin exfoliation
    • Relaxing facial massage
    • Balancing facial mask
    • Hands massage
    • Skin hydrating moisturizer
    • Head massage

  • Illuminating facial treatment (All skin types)

    A unique facial treatment that provides immediate results to the face, neck and décolletage. The new Lotus Flower-Based Ritual ‘LOTUS DEFENSE’ by Pañpuri unites in one single gesture the best of nature, the best natural and organic cosmetics, with proven and certified by Certificate by Spin Control Asia in France, and an intoxicating combination of aroma, texture and effectiveness. We present the latest in facial rejuvenation. The skin appears resplendent and luminous, and the pores are minimized. The face regains its firmness and the spots fade. The transparency and softness of the skin multiplies.

      • Ritual of foot washing
      • Facial Cleaning
      • Exfoliating
      • Facial Lifting Massage and Eye Contour
      • Lymphatic Drainage
      • Illuminating Facial Mask
      • Hand and Foot Massage
      • Intensive Hydration
      • Head Massage
      • Organic infusion

  • Anti aging facial treatment (aging skin)

    A truly captivating treatment inspired by the sacred flower of Thailand, the Thai jasmine, collected and enriched using the legendary aromatic and medicinal virtues of the essence of its pure white flower, to create a powerful antioxidant and hydrating compound that improves defenses against aging skin. After exfoliating and moisturizing the skin with warm sesame balm made of pure, natural ingredients, you will look totally stunning. This facial combines Shiatsu massage techniques and energetic gentle movements from the bottom-up, to stretch and rejuvenate, helping you to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the lymphatic drainage techniques help to reduce swelling and minimize the signs of premature aging.

    • Facial deep cleansing
    • Skin exfoliation
    • Facial massage with hot compress
    • Facial lifting massage and eye contour
    • Lymphatic drainage massage
    • Balancing facial mask
    • Hands and foot massage
    • Intensive skin hydrating moisturizer
    • Head massage

  • Facial ritual Lotus Defense ™

    A source of unprecedented luminosity aimed at a unisex target. Clean Beauty for all skin types, 100% natural and organic. An exceptional concentration of certified natural and organic active ingredients (ZeroList ™ label), formulated without harmful chemicals such as aluminum, mineral oils, paraffins, phenoxyethanol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones or GMO. Younger skin, healthy and illuminated instantly. Intense hydration with a powerful anti-pollution barrier. Nature, science and art united. Beauty and well-being

    3 nominations at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018: Best International Release, Best Anti-Age Line and Best Facial Care Product. Winner of Best Facial Care Product for his Illuminating Serum.

      • Welcome
      • Ritual of foot washing
      • Deep cleansing of face, neck and décolleté
      • Gentle exfoliation
      • Facial massage and lymphatic drainage
      • Face Mask
      • Massage of arms, hands and feet
      • Deep hydration
      • Cranial massage
      • Organic tea.



Treat yourself to one of our subtle facial treatments. We exclusively use the purest products for skin care, inspired by the top traditional Thai beauty rituals and our sacred flower, the Thai jasmine. All the products used for skin care at The Organic SPA offer an immediate result, and work to the middle and long term anti-aging efficacy, totally innovative and guaranteed.