Subaru Added Security Maintenance Agreement

1. What is the most important thing I need to know about an extended service contract? This is an agreement between you and the supplier that promises to pay for certain mechanical failure repairs during the term of the contract (minus a deductible if it exists). It can also be called an extended warranty or vehicle service contract. Here are some important definitions that will help you choose a plan: Gold Plus plans contain all Classic plan covers as well as hundreds of other pieces. In fact, they offer essentially the same bumper coverage as the factory`s basic warranty. Few maintenance items and body parts are not covered. The Gold Plus plan also reimburses accommodation and meals if a breakdown interrupts your a-bahn trip and provides 24-hour emergency assistance on the side of the road, $100 deductible for towing sent “Sign -Drive,” jump departure, tire change, gas delivery, locksmithing service, computerized routes, car rental service and travel assistance. Which vehicles are entitled to safety added®? – The added safety was created exclusively for Subaru vehicles. Any Subaru model that is still covered by the American Subaru warranty is allowed to benefit from additional safety, unless the vehicle is used commercially or equipped with a snow plow.

How much does an additional security plan cost? – the costs of the plan vary depending on the conditions of the plan (for example. B the duration of coverage, deductible amounts, etc.). Your local subaru dealer is best placed to give you specific prices for all available plans. How long does the service agreement last? – You can get the length of coverage that best suits your needs. You can choose between eight different planning conditions. You can even choose a plan that will cover your Subaru until it`s 7 years old or has collected 100,000 kilometers depending on what happens first. The duration of the plan is calculated from the beginning of the factory warranty and at 0 mile. What should I do if I have a mechanical failure? – Try to get your Subaru back from your Subaru dealer, unless other damage is caused by the ride.

Alternatively, you can call our free damage number for help. Added Security is honored in the United States and Canada. What should I do if I need troubleshooting? – If your plan is down, the Cross Country Motor Club will send you a separate package that will provide you with a free 24-hour emergency call number, as well as detailed information on the many other services. Do I have to pay a deductible? – No! You can choose a plan with a zero deductible. However, the plans are available with a deductible of $50 or $100 – it`s up to you to do so. What happens if I sell my Subaru before the “Security Added” coverage ends? – To increase the resale value, you can transfer all remaining coverage to a later owner for a low service fee. Or, if you prefer, you can cancel your insurance coverage and claim a refund. 1. What is an extended service contract ®? To be sure that the extensive service agreement you buy will do what you need, make sure it is a real Subaru product.