Encroachment Agreement Georgia

Perhaps 20 years ago, a deceased former owner gave a neighbour permission to build on his property, but new neighbours moved in. In such cases, Metzger says, both parties can enter into border agreements and propose a “license to use.” In addition to simply keeping others away from your property, it`s important to know where the boundaries of your property are. Even a little intervention by your neighbour in your country can have unfortunate consequences for you. When it comes to property disputes, Metzger said that most of them are “what we call interventions on a small part of the border.” You may discover the neighbour`s access or the backyard shed is two metres above the boundary of your property. Perhaps you bought a new house and, by hiring a landscape architect, you realized that a neighbour has three meters of your property in their hedges. After setting up property lines, Metzger proposes that we start with a polite conversation. He recommends starting the conversation with “Did you know…?” Maybe the construction or landscaping of a neighbor`s house will lead to a water flow that damages your property. Metzger recommends gathering facts and evidence before facing neighbors. This includes taking photos and videos showing the source and fluidity of the water, as well as damage. “Love your neighbor” is not so easy to do, whey is your neighbor`s barrier that enters your country.

As a landowner, you have the right to exclude people and things – like your neighbour`s fence – from your country. Here in Georgia, where houses are close to each other, border conflicts are quite common. “There may be problems with whether an authorization has been granted,” Metzger said. “Sometimes a former owner was allowed to be allowed.” For example, if your neighbor builds a fence or new access that comes on your property even a few inches, it might be enough for a title company to refuse to give insurance when it comes time to sell your home. If you feel that the law is on your side, but your neighbour disagrees, landowners have the right to take possession of their property as long as they do so “without violating the peace,” as revealed on the website of real estate company De Cartersville Jenkins and Olson.