September begins, the month of going back to school, of the new course, of the return – for many badly taken – to the routine, the alarm clocks, the rush, the traffic jams and the thousand things to do. Touch to park the summer vacations and focus on reality to receive the autumn with good body and humor. And, although it is easy to say, there are many almost “magic” remedies and formulas to help us in this difficult transition. Remedies that you can – and should – start enjoying now. Take note!

Surely you have heard about the multiple benefits of receiving a good massage, and nobody like the Thais to prove it. In Thailand, well-being and happiness are taken so seriously, enjoying now, preventing not getting sick, who have been practicing the art of massage for thousands of years as a healing technique, mastering as nobody a technique with too many imitators but impossible to equalize.

The Organic Spa (Lagasca, 90 –, proposes to cope with the rentrée by practicing simple healthy habits such as getting enough sleep (it is recommended to dream for eight hours); drink at least eight glasses of water a day (if it is alkaline and you put lemon juice and rind, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves … better); increase fiber consumption (fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals …); avoid saturated fats, sugars and processed food and garbage; practice some exercise regularly (you don’t need to go to the gym, just walk briskly for a couple of hours, for example, or sign up for dance classes), and run away from stress with the help of natural therapies such as yoga , meditation and oriental massages.

It is also now when you must make a detox cure to thoroughly clean the toxins accumulated in your skin and restore the hydration and elasticity lost after too much sun. Your tan will last you much longer and help you avoid premature aging.



Duration & Price: 120 minutes / € 165

Duration & Price: 150 minutes / € 180

Based on the healing powers of organic cosmetics combined with the most exclusive techniques of oriental massage, this 120 or 150 minute ritual is designed to cleanse, detoxify, drain, cure, soothe and re-hydrate the skin, formulated with the wisdom and pampering of traditional beauty rituals of Thailand.

Among its precious organic ingredients, exfoliating salts, detox muds and essential oils under the Pañpuri seal, made with the most precious healing plants in Asia such as Jasmine, Green Tea, Coconut, Verbena, Lemon Grass, or Rose .

Return the luminosity and elasticity to your skin, prolong the tan, drain and detoxify body and mind. Say goodbye to post-holiday depression and start the completely renewed course.




Foot Wash Ritual
Organic body detoxifying scrub to choose (Coffee / Jasmine / Lemon Grass / Coconut)
Detoxifying and moisturizing body wrap (Green Tea / Verbena / Jasmine)
Body massage to choose (Organic Jasmine Flower Oils from Thailand / Lemon Grass / Camellia / Rose)
Organic tea

  • Reception and welcome with organic tea or alkaline water with lemon.
  • Traditional Thai ritual of washing feet with juice and lime leaves Kaffir, tea tree root and lemon.
  • Organic detox scrub of your choice: Jasmine / Green Tea / Coconut / Papaya. Eliminates toxins and dead cells. It is applied throughout the body.
  • Shower
  • Detoxifying, soothing and moisturizing body wrap of your choice: Green Tea / Verbena / Jasmine. It is applied with a gentle massage throughout the body to cover every corner in order to calm the damage caused by external factors (sun, salt, chlorine, pollution, air conditioning), and thus achieve a total and immediate recovery of the skin . They will wrap you in a sheet for 20 minutes until the total penetration of the preparation. While you will enjoy a stimulating cranial massage.
  • Shower
  • One-hour body massage based on Thai healing massage techniques, using upward movements and acupressure and working from the tip of the foot to the head. The unparalleled quality of the Organic Spa’s extra moisturizing and soothing essential oils will do the rest: Thai Jasmine Flower, Lemon Grass, Camellia or Rose.
  • Finally, a relaxing organic tea will serve you.


Duration & Price: 150 minutes / € 190



  • Foot washing ritual with organic tea tree
  • Organic body detoxifying scrub to choose (Coffee / Lemon Grass / Green Tea / Coconut and Jasmine)
  • Shower
  • Body massage to choose (Organic Jasmine Flower Oils from Thailand / Lemon Grass / Camellia / Geranium)
  • Clarifying Facial Treatment (60 minutes)
  • Organic tea
  • Reception and welcome with the organic hot tea of your choice.
  • Traditional Thai foot washing ritual.
  • Once in bed and wrapped in cotton sheets, you will be applied with a vigorous massage the organic detox scrub of your choice: Coffee / Jasmine / Lemon Grass / Coconut throughout the body, removing dead cells and preparing your skin to receive The hydration you need.
  • Shower
  • 60-minute Balinese-inspired body massage with essential oils of Jasmine Flower from Thailand, Lemon Grass, Camellia or Rose.
  • 60-minute Clarifying Anti-Aging Facial Treatment, with the exclusive Lotus Defense products from Pañpuri, awarded as Best Facial Line 2018 by the ‘Pure Beauty Global Awards’. A true luxury for your skin that nourishes, rejuvenates and brightens the face from the first session.
  • Finally, they will serve you a relaxing organic tea.
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the skin, removing dead cells and leaving the epidermis ready to receive any further treatment.
  • Prolong the tan
  • Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging
  • Activate the lymphatic system
  • Reduce cellulite and fluid retention
  • Recovers skin hydration and firmness
  • Hydrate intensely
  • Repair in depth and heal the damage caused by the sun
  • Provides balance and spiritual harmony (body, mind & soul)
  • Stimulates the secretion of endorphins (responsible for our happiness)
  • It helps reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that is released in response to stress and, therefore, lifts the mood and lowers blood pressure
  • Stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters related to depression
  • It enhances sleep quality
  • Fights pre-monthly syndrome
  • Improve alert status
  • Reduces headache
  • It favors the sexual relations

All products used in The Organic Spa are natural and 100% certified organic, mostly made in Thailand with flowers and healing plants. The preparation of some of the products used in the treatments is made minutes before the arrival of the client, following the authentic ritual of luxury that characterizes the firm.


The Organic Spa


The Organic Spa is a pioneer in defending the philosophy of taking care of yourself in a conscious, respectful and intelligent way from within, of adopting a lifestyle where healthy is a priority, where you become aware – at last! – of the importance of taking care of yourself of our environment, of the planet, and where health is synonymous with beauty.

World leader in luxury beauty and natural wellness, The Organic Spa, formerly Pañpuri Organic Spa, opened the doors of its first organic spa in Europe in May 2011, to become, in a very short time, the most exclusive temple of oriental treatments from Madrid.

Considered today the best center of oriental massage in Spain, its Thai therapists are qualified and specialized in each of the rituals and techniques that work. A temple of well-being where the smallest detail is taken care of, and where everything that touches you is 100% certified organic. With you, and with the ecosystem.

Located in the Golden Mile of the Barrio de Salamanca (Lagasca, 90 – semi-industrial Ortega & Gasset), The Organic Spa offers a sublime wellness experience, based on oriental wisdom, the power of nature, and the effectiveness of the most innovative formulas for body and facial care. A space where relaxation, beauty and health merge in a single gesture, achieving a state of inner balance, peace and immediate harmony. An authentic sensory therapy that works in the short, medium and long term.

C/Lagasca 90, 28006 (semiesquina Ortega & Gasset)
28006 Madrid
T: +34 91 577 56 70 – +34 91 000 33 47 – +34 665 860 429

National & International Awards:


2018 Finalista Mejor Línea Facial Lotus Defense ™ por los ‘PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARDS’

2011 – 2017 Gold List, Traveler Magazine “Nominated for Best Spa in Spain”

The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Natural/Organic Spa Product Range‘

Marie Claire Beauty Award ‘Thai Prestige‘

Design Excellence Award (DEmark), Bangkok ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection’

2010 Les Découvertes 2010, Maison & Objet Fair, Paris ‘Home Ambiance Signature Collection As Best New Range’

The Crystal Awards, Asia Pacific ‘Nominated for Best Product, Signature Facial Experience’

2009 Good Design Award (Gmark), Japan ‘Organic Cream Wash Bar Collection and Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex™ Collection’

Design Excellence Award (DEmark), Bangkok ‘Organic Cream Wash Bar Collection And Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex™ Collection’

Spa Diamond Awards ‘Nominated for Body Care – Women’

2008 Danish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards ‘Best Niche Brand’